Sprayer  for low-sized crops in greenhouses, nets, shade houses, macro-tunnels, multi-tunnels and open fields.


The main novelty of the sprayer is the innovative system of extendable axes, which fits perfectly in any  crop line distances, without the need to modify the plantation frames.


The machine adjusts to the crop and not vice versa.


The maximum opening of the boom, which opens by section, varies according to the needs of the client, to perfectly adapt to the width of the crop on which the machine will operate.


In addition to the 50 l high pressure pump, it has a turbine that conveys the air through the nozzles. Next to each nozzle there is an air outlet so that the flow is distributed evenly  over the  entire width  of the crop.
The air breaks the drops making them smaller, in such a way that a

homogeneous mist is created over the whole crop moving the plant with an enormous penetrating power. The coverage of the leaves, both on the upper and on the lower side, is optimal.


The treatment bars are also equipped with a system that allows them to be placed higher or lower, reaching an optimum spraying all over the plant


Once the necessary parameters have been fixed, you will always carry out the spraying under the same conditions.


Consequently, in addition to obtaining the highest quality and effectiveness in the spraying, considerable product savings are obtained compared to traditional methods.

It has 4-wheel drive and steering. This system allows a very low turning radious  and unbeatable traction.


Very simple and intuitive driving.