Mini sprayer

Minisprayer IDM
Minisprayer IDM
Minisprayer IDM

Crop protection exclusive equipment from IDM for vertical spraying in greenhouses, nethouses and macrotunnels. Specially suggested for narrow crop rows and medium size farms.


The high pressure spraying pump provides an homogeneous vertical curtain. The nozzles have a closed position and two different flows which can be selected according to the type of treatment. As the plants grow we will open the nozzles and even we can add supplementary nozzles bar when the plant is at maximum height. We can apply different flows to different heights of the plant.


We can pull apart or join the nozzles bar in order to have an optimum and homogeneous curtain.

200 liters tank. It has a remover.


We can fix the pressure and the spraying flow independently of the driving speed. Fixing the pressure and flow parameters we will guarantee that the spraying will be always the same.


Beside having maximum quality and effectiveness, we will get important mixture savings.


It is a very compact machine recommended for high density crops and medium size farms.