Hydraulic trolley ATH-3000

ATH-2700 IDM
ATH-2700 IDM
ATH-2700 IDM

The ATH-3000 is an electrical trolley with hydraulic lifting customized for crop care in greenhouses.


The electrical powerful engine combined with wide tyres make it possible to steer in any kind of ground, even very sandy.


The turning and lifting systems are hydraulic which provides smooth driving.


The working platform is made of anti-slip aluminium.


By the control unit on the working platform we can choose to go backwards or forwards, adjust the driving speed, lowering and lifting the working platform and control the batteries charge level.

The automatic batteries charger is included. When the batteries are full loaded it get switch off.


We can get the traction wheels free and push it manually.


All the components are easily accessible for an easy and comfortable maintenance.