Harvesting greenhouse trolleys

carro recoleccion dos cajas - IDM

Two boxes harvesting trolley

carro recoleccion tres cajas - IDM

Three boxes harvesting trolley

Carro bandeja extensible - IDM

Extensible tray harvesting trolley

Carro giratorio dos cajas - IDM

Turning system harvesting trolley

They were designed by IDM-AGROMETAL more than 20 years ago and today are widely spread and has become in a classic. It is an essential element for harvesting the greenhouse crops. Our chassis design is simple and robust and has not changed in the last 20 years. It is coated by owen dried powder painting.


There are multiples types:


  • Quantity of boxes: two or three boxes.
  • Wheel diameter: It can be 260 or 370 cm.
  • Wheel type: air camera or non puncture massif wheel.
  • Type of tray: fix tray or extensible tray for different box lengths.
  • Turning: without turning system or with turning system.