Fumimatic atomizer with mobile turbine

Equipment for carrying out superior quality phytosanitary treatments and foliar fertilizer applications in vertical crops in greenhouses, nets, shade houses, macro-tunnels and multi-tunnels.


The 50 l high pressure pump produces a completely homogeneous vertical curtain. The nozzles have a closed position and three flow rates that we can select depending on the treatment that we are going to carry out and the leaf mass of the crop.


This model includes a turbine that is used to carry out the treatment using micro drops, which ensures a finer cloud for a better coating of our crop. The same turbine can be moved vertically to adapt it to the height of your plants.


Its regulation system allows to fix the advance speed of the Fumimatic in the treatments. Likewise, we can set the pressure and spray flow rate. In this way, once the parameters we want have been determined, we will always carry out the treatments under the same conditions: same speed,

same pressure and same flow. We thus guarantee that they are always the same and homogeneous.


As a consequence, in addition to obtaining the highest quality and effectiveness in the treatments, we achieve significant savings in broth compared to traditional methods.


The 6×6 system gives you total traction on any type of terrain, including the most sandy or very muddy.


The central wheels are located a little lower in such a way that when turning by rotation it pivots on the central wheels so it does not drag the floor. Its turning system gives it unique maneuverability. It is driven with a joystick being very simple and intuitive.


We can have different widths of the machine, the minimum width being 75 cm, depending on the width of the lines and characteristics of the terrain. We can also equip it with different types of tires depending on the terrain where you are going to work.