Electrical trolley A4R-2000

A4R-1700 IDM
A4R-1700 IDM

The A4R-2000 is an essential electrical trolley for crop care in greenhouses and net houses. It is a very robust, simple and effective machine. Once the driving speed is fixed on the control unit, we can drive just pushing the foot pedal down, leaving the hands free for working on the crop.


The wide wheels and the chassis engineering design provide great stability. The engine power and the traction system allows to steer on any type of ground , even very sandy. The turning and steering system are exclusive of IDM and provides a very soft turning and easy steering.


The working platform is made of anti-slip aluminium. It has a confortable and direct access at any height.

By the control unit on the working platform we can choose to go backwards or forwards, adjust the driving speed and control the batteries charge level.


The automatic batteries charger is included. When the batteries are full loaded it get switch off.


Under the chassis it has guides in order to be transported by a fork lift. We can get the traction wheels free and push it manually.


Different heights are available as well as different widths.