All terrain pallet jack

The IDM pallet jack is the easiest and most efficient way to carry the pallets to the warehouse.


The traction group exclusively designed by IDM is the driving and drivetrain unit of the machine, where the engine, gearbox, brakes and throttle are located. The entire group freely spins 360 degrees, so that the machine never goes backwards, since the traction group pushes or pulls the load.


It has great maneuverability and unrivaled handling due to its ‘three support points’ design, the driving wheel never loose adherence to any kind of ground. The gravity center is in the middle of a triangle making the pallet jack very stable in any king of ground or slope.

It has a great mechanical strength and easy maintenance that makes the machine an extremely agile tool for pallets transport in any kind of farm or warehouse.


It has an 11 HP diesel engine, powerful enough for any type of ground, even very sandy. The gear box has two gears, short and long.


Lifting is made by a hydraulic system. As a whole it is a very reliable and robust machine, extremely useful for pallet transport.